From Andrea

Yesterday, I finally had a chance to meet a new Foodie and Truffle Cake creator (and cookie master), Mary Kate from Hey Sugar Shop!  She had contacted me a few months ago regarding that Brownie Challenge, and I had been eagerly waiting to have a chance to try out the confections she creates.  Not too many times have I heard of a “Cake Truffle,” so she had my attention.

Especially… because she said she had a new cake truffle of the “boozy” variety, called the Skyy Vanilla Pumpkin Spice.  If you don’t follow my Twitter feeds, you miss out on my fondness for anything Pumpkin Spice.  In fact… I just had myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte this AM, thanks to Starbucks.

So, here is my scoop on the Cake Truffle.  At first bite, I was thinking, “eh, just ok.” I was a tad confused on the flavor, and thought it had been missing something chocolatey.  BUT! I did fairly so give it a chance again today.  Realizing that I am the fool here.  I was wrong!  Yes, we foodies can get it wrong, and incorrectly judge something.  First of all, I faltered when I was assuming this was a pumpkin infused chocolate truffle.  I hit her website today thinking, maybe I’m missing something.  And it hit me that I actually missed the key word on her adorable packaging.  *Smack my forehead.*  It is a CAKE truffle, not a chocolate truffle.

So, my dear Mary Kate – please forgive me!  Dear friends, these cake truffles rock.  It is like kicked up PUMPKIN PIE in the mouth! *Kicked up!*  Key words.  And if you are like me, and like a little more Vanilla Skyy, then she will provide!  She makes these truffles custom order, and you won’t be disappointed.  As I had mentioned earlier, the packaging is really well done, and they come in a box wrapped up like old fashioned candies.  Melt my heart.

Thanks to the Sugar Shop for giving me a chance to try out your new holiday product!

Oh yea… better order fast, as these won’t be in season for long.